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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Democracy and Air Transportation & Aerospace Industries Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and CEO Miami, Florida USA

Globally Proven: Air Transportation + Aerospace Industry Excellence = Democracy &Freedom + Think Chile LATAM Airlines Top 5 in the World + Think Brazil Embraer Top 3 in the World - - Think Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Venezuela - No ranking health and maturity and their air transportation and aerospace industries profiles yielding very wide political, economic and societal quantitative and qualitative contributions Openness to these industries implies discipline, continuity and of foreign direct investment - more than other sectors due to the SAFETY factor Gives population a above day to day challenges - Middle class can fly away on vacation Investing in these industries investments in education and technology that spreads widely to other value - added sectors Example: COLOMBIA buys Airbus aircraft, Airbus invests in Colombian aerospace technical education and sub contractors - supply chain 2 Democracy Air Transport Aerospace

Open Skies Lead Democratic Maturity The air transportation and aerospace industries commerce international - law, quality controls and financial requirements require committed robust , transparent and stable political systems Governments can, thus, accelerate their countries democratic and economic emergence , strengthen their political, social, environmental and economic development agendas by promoting, committing and subscribing to air transportation and aerospace + Think communications satellites - cell phone and social media access + Think Democratic Air Travel - Low cost airlines - from buses to airplanes + Think infrastructure investments; airports, cell phone providers, safety and security 3 Democracy Air Transport Aerospace

Air Transportation and Aerospace Industries - Political Approach Treat them as LEADING political - democratic and education - economic - fiscal enablers Use their demanding SAFETY, Legal, Fiscal, Commercial and Quality - Education requirements as frameworks for other sectors: Telecom, bio - medical, manufacturing, services, etc Use their results; airports, airlines, communication - satellites, R&D as leverages for sustainable Direct Foreign Investment SAFETY + QUALITY = Democracy + Transparency - deceive Thoughts and Insights - Actions 4 Democracy Air Transport Aerospace

Contact and Follow Up Oscar S. Garcia, Chairman and CEO +1 - 305 - 400 - 6789/49 5 Democracy Air Transport Aerospace