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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Large FirmsSubcontractors (Subs)Hiring$224 billionmarket

Large FirmsSubsPaymentsTypicallypay slowly.(1 to 6 mo.)

Large FirmsSubLarge FirmsSubSubSubSubSubBlue222 solvesmany issues.

Large FirmsSubLarge FirmsSubSubSubSubSubLarge Firms easilyfind Subs, bid work, and engage Subs.

Large FirmsSubLarge FirmsSubSubSubSubSubSubsmanage/completeProjects.

Large FirmsSubLarge FirmsSubSubSubSubSubBlue222 pays Subsin 1 business dayvia receivablesfinance lender.

Firm1. Submit RFPSub2. Bid on RFP3. Finished Project4. Finished Project + InvoiceReceivablesFinance Lender10. Pay Invoice5. Invoice less 2%6. Invoice less 9%

Average Blue222 Monthly Revenue per Sub = $11,000Blue222 Fee = 7%Blue222 Profit per Sub per Month = $770

Minimal Blue222 Monthly ExpensesCloud-Based Data Storage = $100Telephone/Internet = $100Insurance = $300Personnel/Programmers = $10,975

Low Monthly Revenue Required for Breakeven@ 16 Subs Using System x $11,000 = $176,000Blue222 is Profitable

Expected Value of Blue222

Capital NeedsExpected to be less than $92,000.Raising $300,000 to provide security.

Expected Return on Investment for Initial Investors815% after year 31531% after year 4