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Published Mar 23, 2014 in Research
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Braxton Legal ServicesLegal research and writing by contract

What We Provide Legal Research Persuasive Writing Discovery Practice Appellate Briefing Medical Records Review Weekly Legal Blog Content

Legal ResearchThe purpose of legal research is to find "authority" to support your position. Outsourcing legal research saves you valuable time and money. Our legal research attorney is a veteran with more than 15 years of experience in legal research and writing, in the active practice of law. We can conduct thorough research on nearly any legal topic and provide a legal memorandum of our findings. We can hit the ground running, so that you can devote your time to other important aspects of your practice.

Persuasive WritingWriting a persuasive brief or motion requires more than just a knowledge of the law that supports your position. Compelling briefs require strategic writing and persuasive style. Accomplishing this takes time and practice. Let us help. We draft pleadings, summary judgment motions and responses, mediation position statements, motions in limine, jury instructions, trial briefs -- just about anything you need to prepare your case for trial.

Discovery PracticeBraxton Legal Services provides assistance in discovery, including drafting all kinds of discovery requests, deposition preparation outlines, and deposition summaries. We can also review the discovery responses of the opposing party and provide Rule 37 letters and motions to compel. We also conduct document review, including indexing and organizing discovery material in your document intensive cases.

Appellate BriefingBraxton Legal Services offers comprehensive appellate brief services: from drafting an appellate brief from the record, editing or reviewing an existing brief, or simply formatting an existing brief to meet the requirements of your appellate jurisdiction – state or federal. Allowing a contract attorney to handle appeals will keep you from missing out on the opportunity to fully represent your clients and earn more revenue.

Medical Records ReviewBraxton Legal Services provides thorough screening and interpretation of medical records, including comprehensive written reports and chronologies which are helpful in identifying gaps in care or recordkeeping. If you need assistance with completing Plaintiff Fact Sheets or need answers to specific medically-related questions, such as definitions to common medical terminology, we are here to help.

Legal Blog ContentBraxton Legal Services provides legal blog content for law firms on a weekly basis. Publishing legal blogs on a law firm website enhances your firm’s reputation. Clients tend to hire attorneys they perceive as trustworthy and reliable authorities in their practice areas. However, consistent blogging requires a huge time investment that most attorneys don’t have. That’s where we come in.

Why hire a contract attorney?More Flexibility.Scheduling conflicts are a part of practicing law. If you don’t have someone else on staff who can pitch in, or you’re not ready to hire an associate, a contract attorney is the easiest and most cost-effective solution.More Time.Outsourcing tasks like drafting motions, briefs and discovery will give you more time to focus on bringing in more clients. You can focus your attention on other areas of your practice where you are needed.

Why hire a contract attorney?More Cost-Effective.With a contract attorney available on an “as needed” basis, you won’t have to turn down new cases because you don’t have the time. Hiring a contract attorney is more cost effective than hiring a full-time associate with a salary and benefits. Instead, you get an experienced attorney with more than 15 years of experience, ready to work only when you need them. More Profit.The American Bar Association has issued an opinion allowing practicing attorneys to add a reasonable surcharge to the fees they pay contract attorneys. With our reasonably hourly rates, you can make a profit while receiving top notch legal work when you needed.

Hiring a Contract Attorney allows you to delegate the tasks you choose, on an “as needed” basis, for much less than hiring an associate.

Let us know what we can do for you! Comprehensive and reliable legal research Persuasive motions and briefs Thorough medical record review Appellate services at any level of appeal Blog content on any legal topic

Braxton Legal Services, LLC P.O. Box 333Helena, Alabama 35080(205) 378-8013info@braxtonlegalservices.comToni J. Braxton, Esq.