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Published Mar 10, 2014 in Education
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

“Philosophy is vital only when the question are mine and so is the struggle towards answers.”--W. LuijpenFormulating Your Philosophy Education

You have been acquainted with various philosophies. With which do you identify yourself? What is your personal philosophy of education? You are expected to formulate it in this second lesson.Your philosophy education is your “window” to the world and “compass” in life.Your philosophy of education is reflected in your dealings with students, colleagues, parents and administrators.

In this lesson, you will articulate your thoughts on how you perceive the learner, on what are the right values, on what and on how you must therefore teach. If you articulate your philosophy of education, you will find yourself more consistent in your dealings with other people, in your actions and decisions.

What does a philosophy of education contain or include? It includes your concept about:The human person, the learner in particular and the educated personWhat is true and good and therefore must be taught.How a learner must be taught in order to come close to the truth

My Philosophy of education as a Grade School TeacherI believe that every child:Examplehas a natural interest in learning and is capable of an embodied spiritcan be influenced but not totally by his/her environmentis unique and so comparing a child to other children has no basis.does not have an empty mind, rather is full of ideas and it is my task to draw out these ideas.