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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

What you said you needed/wantedBetter database for tracking constituent relationships (contacts)ContributorsCanvassed households/individualsMedia contactsEndorsementsElected officialsBusiness leadersEtc….

Needs/wants cont’dComprehensive system to house key campaign functions you are tracking Fundraising (progress, financial reporting requirements)Donor cultivationField OperationsMedia requestsInvitations/Requests for appearancesEmail and phone contacts (avoid missing/dropping something)EndorsementsSchedulingEventsONE system that will ensure a coherent and integrated home for all campaign-related informationSelective/controlled access to information Increased security/privacy of information

Three areas for discussion

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What is TOR?“TOR makes humans the biggest liability. Using tools produced by companies with their own agendas makes the machine your biggest liability.”Free mechanism installed on a computer that prevents ANYONE from accessing or detecting your internet based travels and transactionsThe idea is similar to using a twisty, hard-to-follow route in order to throw off somebody who is tailing you — and then periodically erasing your footprints.Eliminates vulnerabilityEnsures privacy of information

Additional data security issues to addressLocation of server hosting the website and database management systemIf your information is in “the cloud” it’s not only not yours, it can be accessed (Dropbox, Google, NGP), and no guarantee it’s ever really deletedServer location options range in their security levels: Shared Server/Hosting Dedicated Server (Office/Offsite/Offshore) Low HighMobile devices in useiPad vs ComputersBlackberry

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What is CiviCRM?Completely freeOpen Source Constituent Relationship Management systemExtremely powerful engineTracks and manages interactionsInterfaces with WordPress – your existing website platform – reduces the learning curveOne stop solution to all of your campaign-related needsFunctionalities completely customizable and can be adapted for leg office operations when the time comes

Current tools and reality (a version of it anyway!)

CiviCRMContactsCiviEventsCiviContributeCiviMail(ings)CiviReportsCiviCampaignCiviEngagePetitionSurveyCiviCase(Requests)GOTVPhone BankCanvassingCalendarWordPressDocuments

What we need to doDetermine phasing/pacing of implementationCreate development and training calendarPermissions checklistWho gets what access/visibilityDefine labels and useful features (so we can eliminate what won’t be helpful and just end up confusing!)