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Chele's Stars

Published Jan 31, 2013 in Business & Management
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Presentation Slides & Transcript

Presentation Slides & Transcript

Relay for Life Team- 2013
Chele’s stars

It all starts with one person…who inspires us, who makes
us want to take action, one person who we decide…to fight for. Meet michele glotfelty eggleston.

Michele was a mother,


Live, Laugh, Love


Cherished memories

She was also a fighter…michele was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. and december 12, 2009, she became a true angel. And we started to see a special star near her house.

Her boys knew better than us all. They knew it was “mom’s star”, or “chele’s star” as we would come to call it. Chele’s life inspired us to make a difference. We relayed for the first time at frostburg state university in 2011. we did it again in 2012. and we are back…for 2013.

this team was made in memory of a beautiful soul who touched our lives in ways we cannot even describe. We relay not just for michele, but for others we know who have fought, are fighting, or will fight this horrible disease. For the millions of people who have to hear the words “you have cancer” each and every year.

Because we believe one day those words will not exist.

We ask you to take part in relay for life and give to the american cancer society, because we have seen it’s importance. We would absolutely love to have you.

Each and every one of you.

Remember. Fight. Celebrate.

We relay for our survivors. And we are honored to have them on our team.

We love and appreciate you, mrs. Kelly rayner and violet “nanny” finzel!!!

We relay in the cold or the rain or whatever life brings.

Family & friends

We break our glow sticks…for our best friend and mom…

For those who we built a life and family with…

Mom & aunt…

Friend and sister…

Mom, friend…

For this person…

And these people…

Phil Workman, Ann Ellis, Sasha Palmer, Kelly Rayner, Brittni Davis, Brenda Brosnihan, Sue Watkins, Greg Wotring, Kelly Rugola, Charlotte Piccinnetti, Gerald Glotfelty, Joanne Ringer, Bob Shaffer, Helen Glotfelty, Jessie Miller, Otas Freed, Phyllis Ellis, Ruth DiPaolo, ……family members and friends of those who have been touched by cancer, researchers who work day and night to find a cure, doctors who perform life-saving surgeries every single day, every person who has fought the battle with cancer, every person who will one day have to fight that battle…We relay for all of you. Every single one.
And all of these people…

But we have…

Hope that one day we can wave goodbye to a disease that has taken far too many.

Relay for Life at Frostburg State University
April 26, 2013
6pm – 6am, but you can come and go as needed
To join our team or make a donation, please visit us at
Or contact me, Whitney Glotfelty, or any of our other team members.
Thank you so very much for your support. It is greatly appreciated!!

Chele’s Stars
Please consider joining us!

Life is short…relay!